Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Help for repair of Lakeville Community Centre

The Lakville Lions Club received a cheque for $3500 to help repair the Lakeville Community Centre. The grant is provided by the Regional Development Corporation of the Province of New Brunwick. Jim Roper, treasurer and Eugene Somers, past president, receive the cheque from Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts.

Grant presented to Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation

The Lutz Mountain Heritage Foundation received a grant of $1000 in conjunction with the 2006 Canadian Museums Association Conference. The funds are provided by the Professional Development in Museology Program of the New Brunswick Provincial Heritage Branch. Betty Lutes, manager of the Lutz Mountain Museum, receives the cheque from John Betts MLA Moncton Crescent.

Snowshoe Partnership Program

The Elmwood North Community Association received a grant of $3000 from the Provincial Cultural and Sport Secretariat. The Active Communities Grant Program will assist the Elmwood North Community Association and Forest Glen School in their snowshoe partnership program. Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts presents the cheque to Karen Nelson, principal of Forest Glen School and Sue Sherwood, President of the Elmwood North Community Association.

Launch of Roger's Channel 70 - Legislative Proceedings

Official launch of the Roger's Cable Network channel dedicated to the proceedings of the New Brunswick Legislature. Channel 70 now broadcasts the entire proceeding throughout the day. Seen here from left to right are Minister Bev Harrison, Deputy Speakers John Betts and Cy LeBlanc.

2006 Mastercard Memorial Cup Kickoff Celebration

A great shot of the fireworks displayed at the Memorial Cup Kickoff Celebration. The Memorial Cup is being held in Moncton this year and this was the party to get it started.

A shot of the cake being served for the Memorial Cup Celebration.

Moncton Wildcats Season ticket holder, Rolene Betts, seen here with Wildcats mascot Wild Willy at the Memorial Cup Kickoff Celebration.

Tankville School Restoration Project

The Tankville school has received grants totaling approximately $42,000 from the Province of New Brunswick for its restoration. Seen here from left to right are Premier Bernard Lord, Elmwood North Community Association President Sue Sherwood, Past President Al Baglole and Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts.

International Kite Festival

Pictured here are local MLA's John Betts, Moncton Crescent, and Cy LeBlanc, Dieppe-Memramcook, with a Government of New Brunswick kite in Dieppe at the International Kite Festival.

Announcement of Irving Personal Care Plant

Announcement of the $60M Irving Personal Care Plant. The establishment of this plant generated an additional 225 jobs for New Brunswick. Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts is pictured in discussion with Robert Irving and Premier Bernard Lord.

Tour of Industrial Rail Services Inc.

John Betts takes a tour of Industrial Rail Services Inc. Pictured here are Dick Carpenter, Premier Bernard Lord and Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts.

Emergency Generator for Kinsman House

Debbie Smith, administrator Moncton Kinsman House Inc., receives a grant from Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts and Minister Joan MacAlpine-Stiles.

Monday, April 03, 2006

ABU Safety Concern Addressed

$200,000 partnershipwith the City of Moncton to install sidewalks and curbs from Trans-Canada to ABU. Pictured from left to right are Councillor Steve Mitton, Mayor Lorne Mitton, Moncton Crescent MLA John Betts, Dr. Brian MacArthur, Deputy Mayor Kathryn Barnes, and Councillor Brian Hicks

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

John Betts Supports the NB Rising Stars

Friday, December 9th, 2005
The Petitcodiac Room, The Lord Beaverbrook Hotel
Fredericton, New Brunswick

The Mentorship Committee is very pleased to announce the Rising Stars Year End event for the 2005 year. This event promises to be truly memorable. We have two outstanding individuals who have graciously agreed to speak at the event -
Dr. Nancy Mathis and Mr. John Thompson.

The event is focused on two key issues affecting the Maritime Provinces - Retention of IT Talent and Innovation. There is time set aside for networking and discussion as well as a tour of the legislature. The tour will include a welcome and introduction of the 2005 Rising Stars from the floor of the Legislative Assembly by John Betts, MLA, Moncton Crescent.

The Rising Stars event is an annual event sponsored by the Greater Moncton Knowledge Industry Network.

The objective for this event is to recognize workers, in knowledge industry companies or organisations, who have distinguished themselves with the quality of their work and for their positive impact in the industry.

These Rising Stars, in addition to being recognised for their work, will be provided with a mentorship program for the year. The objective of the mentorship program is to prepare them to become our future leaders … and entrepreneurs.

John Betts, Moncton Crescent MLA

John Willis Betts was born on February 17, 1949, in Moncton. He graduated from Moncton High School and was a founding member of the N.B. Symphony Youth Orchestra.

John Willis Betts was born on February 17, 1949, in Moncton. He graduated from Moncton High School and was a founding member of the N.B. Symphony Youth Orchestra.

He was first elected to the Fifty-Fourth Legislature as a Progressive Conservative MLA in the provincial general election held on June 7, 1999. He represents the constituency of Moncton Crescent and served as chairman of the government caucus.

He was re-elected to the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick on June 9, 2003. He chairs the Select Committee on Education and is a member of the Standing Committees on Privileges, Public Accounts, Legislative Administration, and Crown Corporations. He is vice-chair of the Standing Committees on Private Bills, Law Amendments, and the Ombudsman, and chairs the South East New Brunswick Progressive Conservative Caucus. On December 7, 2005, he was appointed Deputy Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislature.

He was the Music Co-ordinator for School Districts 2 and 4 for 22 years and holds a Bachelor of Science from Gordon College in Boston, a Bachelor of Education and a Masters in Education Administration from the Université de Moncton. He received the Birks Medal for student leadership at Teachers' College (UNB), and a hockey scholarship at Gordon College in Boston.

He spent 28 years in the education field, and served on the Department of Education's provincial curriculum committee.

Starting in 1986, he was elected to Moncton City Council for five straight terms, serving for 13 years until June 7, 1999, and he taught music at Evergreen Park School from 1996-1999. He was project leader for two FCM and CIDA "Africa 2000" programs in 1990 and 1992 and was given a Rotary scholarship for study in England and Wales in 1980.

He chaired the New Brunswick Heritage Fair and Maritime Band Festival and directed several school district bands and choirs. He and his family have written and recorded several music compositions and he was music director at Sunny Brae and Highfield Baptist churches.

He won the Atlantic Masters Windsurf Racing championship in 1990 and came sixth in the Nationals in 1991.

John and his wife Rolene have been married for 33 years and Rolene is completing her PhD in Education at UNB. They have three children, Jason (Toronto), Jessica (married to Jonathan Cook in Yarmouth) and Jared (NSCAD University in Halifax).